DLS - Elemental Desire 2 MERCHANT APP

Before filling out merchant app, make sure you have read all ! 

July 25th -August 25, 2019


  Dirty Little Secrets Hunts 

       Elemental Desire 2 Hunt      






!!!IMPORTANT!!!--Hunt is open to PG and Mature & Adult Sims.. --Absolutely no children's stores regardless of sim rating. This is mature/adult hunt--No breedables. --No resellers. Appliers must be used for system style clothing.


Only join paths you would like to provide for. 

Female Path - Male Path  = 1L Paths - 

Our Little Secret 25l Path = 25l

If you make unisex - apply for both male and female -  you will provide same gift in each item ( male and female )- This only applies for unisex. This means you will rez 2 items if unisex (clothing, furniture etc) You will be given an item for each path.

 Item does not need to be new- Just something NOT added to sales for the month the hunt is running.

You must join a 1L Path to be involved in  Our Little Secret 25L path 

You can join as many paths as you would like to provide gifts for -

You are not required to join all paths. 

Each path you join requires different gifts/ hints/ pics. One per path joined. 

Please send a logo of your store renamed as follows - for EACH path you join. This is for HUD purposes.
Do not just send me one logo for multiple paths. Please rename - it keeps all in order. Send with app!!! I do not keep logos from previous hunts. 




No longer using landmarks. Hunts are HUD based per path. 


I will place near end of hunt order if late on previous hunts or delete app depending on reason store was removed. Not being in mood or dropping last moment or no contact is inexcusable. My only focus is on stores who enjoy hunts and providing hunters/shoppers with all on time. I give 100 percent respect and my time to all merchants - it is expected in return. 

A 30 second message or IM does not take long to notify for corrections , drops, being behind schedule etc. Communication is important in all we do. Only those accepted will receive signs etc. I will not contact those not accepted.


If you choose to sponsor - a note card will be sent separate from Final packs for acceptance so we can get store logos - descriptions etc ) I wait for current hunt running to be over before asking for and applying this info to blog. Sponsor info is not asked for till closer to hunt start. 

Sponsor spots = 100 per path you would like to sponsor - 

There is no cap to sponsor spots - Everyone is placed in order as they apply - Those who do not sponsor are placed after sponsor spots in order as applied.  If you sponsor -  Your logos along with any description or info you want to give will be added to front of blog  You get your own page - so add what you want

Refunds are NOT given if you drop from hunt and you chose to sponsor. A location could have been in the spot you drop 



Theme: Welcome to Elemental Desire Hunt. 

Earth, water, fire and air..is the theme. Can be elements or colors of. Options are endless. 

What element controls your desires?! <--- 

This is not theme specific - so what you choose to make is up to you.

(Adult// Mature Theme welcomed) No Limits on what you choose to create : )

Hunt is open to PG and Mature & Adult Sims.. Absolutely no children's stores regardless of sim rating. This is mature/adult hunt

For those who would like to share which element controls your desires  - now is that chance! <--

RULES - MUST READ - DO NOT APPLY UNLESS RULES ARE READ IN FULL (This saves us as well as you time)

I have never changed how I do things!

 I will not work with new managers until I know they will A. ACTUALLY RESPOND B. Are more established with the merchant. 

Alts in group - I notice many use alts that have not been on for months and months. I am chasing merchants down before hunt starts due to not checking alts and keeping communication open.  

We prefer to work with the merchants direct so please keep this in mind. This does not go for managers we have worked with a long time. 

No system only clothing allowed unless appliers are provided. 

You agree to rez sign within easy sight of the landing. No sign = dropped from hunt without notice.  If we have to contact more than once on no sign - we remove the merchant from hunt. We do not allow back in for the hunt running and in some cases the next hunt.

1. You, your representative, or your *OFTEN CHECKED* alt will join the hunt group and remain until the end of the hunt. OFTEN CHECKED alt means: an alt you are on frequent- not once or twice a month. We remove if no communication from hunt. 

Seriously: Do not apply if we must chase you down! This is happening frequent and I will remove to prevent wasting my time.
No exception 

2. We like to make sure men can have a full hunt also!
Even if you have a female merchandise only location -  if can provide a male gift this is always welcomed. (As long as it is certainly a male gift and not a female gift one may sneak in as unisex! Yep it has happened before, lol. )

3. UPDATED :  You understand and agree to rezz your hunt item when received. 

Not day of hunt start or day before. When you receive final pack, means rezz item so it registers on site. PLEASE make sure this step is understood. Why- Why must we repeat this over and over! lol

 Some like to wait till right before or after a hunt start to fill gift. All must be completed by 10pm on the 24th. There will no longer be extensions after this time unless I am spoken to ahead of time. Some chose to ignore notices all together and ignore fixing for hunters. If I make drops -  I need to have HUDS and blog ready for merchants and hunters who are participating. So this is the deadline to have all ready!

4. You understand that stores in noncompliance 1-2 days prior to start of hunt will be dropped. We MUST hear from you before then! (Being dropped from the hunt will result in being noted and possible skips in future hunts.) Those who drop or do not contact will be skipped / dropped from future hunts if I am not spoken to. Communicating can solve all issues. Dropping because you were not in mood or no contact- is a red flag to ALL organizers and I will not allow back in. 

We like hunts ready to go and start on time. Hunters are ready for start of hunt and do not return often if store is skipped - Our hunts require all done day before hunt begins. ALWAYS on the 24th!

5. This hunt aims for quality. Please consider this. (This means no noob or freebie quality starter stuff. No resellers affiliates - Those who sell other stores items for commission ) 
Items you create only. Please. This does not apply to template kits etc. Only those who sell other stores items. Make sure you follow tos for your items as well as adding no one else's work to your own- Logos from outside SL etc. 

Doing this will make sure the hunt is ran on time -  For you as well as hunters when the hunt begins. Also for organizers who work with you. Keeps it efficient. 

Reasons a store is dropped without notice: 

Failure to rez sign. 
Failure to notify us of moves. 
Failure to follow instructions for items and gifts.

Lack of communication. 

And the winner goes to:
<drum rolls>

Those who apply and ignore all notices we send or corrections needed and drop the hunt without properly notifying the organizer- Or drop last moment for not being in mood etc. 

Why apply? This  takes up space for a location who loves to be in hunts. It is not hard to have consideration for all involved. Other merchants/ organizers, hunters/shoppers.  

We know how busy everyone gets! That includes us too! So please make sure if you have joined you can complete hunt from filling out hunt application--- to the completion of hunt. ON TIME!

Dirty Little Secrets Hunt Team -  
 Lynn Pooley  is main contact for this hunt:


--You will be invited to group - Group is "Dirty Little Secrets Hunts"

--Only those accepted are notified 

We note those we dropped from previous hunts for past 10 years. We do not respond to or allow some locations back in. Merchants who really enjoy participating - is our only focus and main focus! Not those who ignore or expect organizers to just deal with non compliance.

--SLurl is necessary. Make sure if you move we are notified or Hunters will not be able to get to your location. Our hunts are hud and slurl based. 

Reminder: Please send a logo of location renamed as follows - for each path you join. I do NOT keep logos from previous hunts

Hunts are HUD based per path. 

Communication between organizer and merchant must always stay open.


or on blog at 

Thank you!

Kastle /Electric Hunters group is used for hunters as always

Dirty Little Secrets Hunts Team Lynn Pooley 

Dirty Little Secrets Hunts 10th year -Working with you - since 2009

If for some reason you have issues filling form out, please clear browser cache!