Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dirty Little Secrets 8 Hunt!

Hunt Starts October 25TH!

Live Laugh Hunt! Keeping hunts real!

Please Note:  Kindly refrain from asking in the hunt help groups, IMing or note carding organizers, hunt staff or merchants trying to find out which store has a certain gift. You will not get the information. This is a hunt. We support and respect all merchants who work hard for hunters. Spamming the help group asking for anything other than hints may get you ejected. Please keep hunts- HUNTS. 

There are NO refunds on hunt items bought. Ever. 
 1l or 50l. This is a HUNT! Not sales! : ) <3<3<3 

Sign Preview

Items Preview

Black Key /Red Bow

Any corrections needed will be made and finalized by the end of October 25th!

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Picture Previews for All Paths